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Financial Investments & Strategic Advisors  

Burt's creative imagination and unique ability to listen, interpret and design story is remarkable. His work ethic and experience brought us to another level. Hes in a category of his own. Like no other Ive met.

Jim Pupillo 

HighTower Investor Advisors 

Director & Managing Partner

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Creative Agencies 

Burt gets imaginative ideas and insightful concepts with a wisdom, clarity and brutal honesty of a brand story guru. If you're willing to see an expansive vision of yourself then he's your secret weapon.

Steve Price

Creative Director, Producer & Writer


Software & Technology 

Burt is a creative visionary as a brand strategist and storyteller. He gets the big picture instinctively. Hes one of the most engaging and interesting people I know. He truly shifted and elevated how we saw ourselves and others embraced us. Definitely respected game changer. 

Charlie Wilson

SVP, Sales & Marketing

AppWorx Software Corporation

Infrastructure & Energy  

Highly impressed with Burt's energy,

creative instincts and interpersonal skills that drew out the best of our very diverse leadership group. Hes an intuitive with an uncanny ability to intuit streams of cross disciplines

into inspired characters that told our stories differently. Transformational. 

Scott Omer, PTP

Director, Arizona Department of Transportation - Multimodal Planning Division.

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Video Scripts & Story Productions 

Burt is the ultimate professional. He's a strategically creative, big picture thinker, insightful storyteller and visionary writer. Our creative agency really enjoyed working with him. His story-driven video production scripts were succinct and visceral. Our client, Toyota Lexus, loved them!

Louise Parker

President & Executive Director 


Mark Trengove

Vice President, Senior Editor & Colorist


Software & Manufacturer

Burt offers unique investigative listening skills with fearless instincts. He brought a new bold, confident, strategically creative

energy to our culture which resulted in years of high growth. Burt was everything we were not, which was exactly what we needed.

Dan McCall & Bill Wrenn


AppWorx Corporation 

Heavy Civil Engineering &
Construction Management

Burt is a gifted communicator with a unique ability to work the big picture, and strategic vision with a diverse cultural and leadership team. Hes effective distilling lots of information and simplifying down to its essence. He created an innovative brand story that shifted and empowered our marketing and culture.

Senior Executive Leadership Team 

Phoenix, AZ 

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Video Production Studio & Multimedia Services   

Burt is a true visionary with a genuine gift as a brand strategist and creative story development guru. He has an uncanny ability to identify a cast of characters who would tell our story with simple, yet compelling narratives. Burt listens really well, has great instincts and disciplined work ethic.

Marco Trevino Martinez

Founder, Owner & Creative Director

Echo Earth Media

Lexus IS Introduction &   Apple iPad App

It was a pleasure to work with Burt on the Lexus IS introduction into the USA markets. His outstanding work ethic, energy, creative brand story and video script writing skills were invaluable to our strategic partnership with Toyota Lexus. Greatly respected by all of us   

Michael Thiel

Vice President / Imaginator

OMGineering: Design & Interactive


Custom Design & Build Construction Services

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Burts energetic ability facilitated our broad visioning discussions. He was able to extract the most relevant insights to capture our essence, purpose and difference. He was able to synthesize our work into emotionally impactful truths with compelling stories. He was kindly infectious, genuine and truly invaluable.

Lorenzo Perez & Jon Kitchel

Principals & Co-Owners

Venue Builders & Venue Projects 

Global Manufacturers - Renewable Energy Technologies 

Burt worked very closely with both of our global companies' senior executive teams. He created our brand story identities and strategies, produced all our core messaging and digital content for our Manufacturing & Project Development companies.

We attracted world-class talent, capital investment and secured major utility-grid scale solar projects. Really impressive person and work!

Steve Cowman

CEO, Stirling Energy Systems (SES)

Robert Lukefahr

CEO, Tessera Solar 


We needed a fresh way to engage our best clients at our Annual Cigna National Account Client Conference. We selected Burt as our brand story consultant strategist. Produced and directed extraordinarily insightful and impactful video and script. Its simplicity was genius Ill never forget. He has an unusual ability to leverage the creative and strategic, easily. 

Gary Earl

Senior Vice President

CIGNA Healthcare

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